Hello, my name is Tais, a Brazilian photographer living and working in Helsinki, Finland.

I grew up in an environment full of love and strong family values, so seeing people living these kinds of moments gives me goosebumps as if I’m living that moment along with them. I discovered photography back in 2013 and I soon came to the realization that photographing people in their happiest moments was something magical!

The magic happens at the moment that what my eyes see turns into your memories. Every gesture, hug, caress, every tear, there I am, not letting you forget what is so important to us.

For this to happen I give my best by bringing spontaneity to my work, so it looks and feels natural. I believe that real memory is one that was lived and felt.

If you also see the beauty in every little detail and believe that good memories are what we have the best in our lives, you’re very welcome here!

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