Katherine & Tony – Engagement Shoot

I’m always prepared with some short activities when I have an engagement photoshoot scheduled, it is something that I like to do to get real reactions from the couple. At the first moment, some of these activities may seem a little crazy :), however, they give us lovely and sincere pictures later on. And I feel really happy when the couple embraces these crazy ideas with me because the result is unique. This was what happened with Katherine and Tony, we had a fun evening getting all these pics! In the end, we even ran to catch a sailboat as a perfect background for our great day! 

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Agata & Felipe – Wedding and Portraits in Toronto

This lovely Brazilian couple found me in Canada while I was living an adventure in that stunning country. I had a pleasure to see and learn so many beautiful things in Toronto and they also gave me the opportunity to shoot there and be with them in a unique moment of their lives. So here you can see an engagement photoshoot in the charming streets of Toronto and a wedding full of love! 

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One of my last photoshoots in Brazil, before I decided to travel worldwide a little bit. Shooted in Cotiporã, the lovely town where I grow up. Hot sunny day, with tons of mosquitos, but we didn’t care. We were there to get stunning pictures! 

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Do you know that perfect summer day? Bright sun, green trees, the cut grass smell, the nice sound of running water in some nearby stream … this day was exactly like this. So delightful! We had a really nice time together, chatting and laughing all day long. At some point, we realized that the sun had set and the pictures are done. Easy-peasy.  My lovely model was so relaxed, so at ease, that is easy to catch this feeling in the pictures. Gorgeous day! 

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They are a lovely family! Every time we met to discuss the party plans, every single time, they were waiting for me with coffee, with some extra time to chat – not just about the party plans but also to talk about life or anything. They welcomed me like an old friend. So adorable! This party was planned with so much love, that the result couldn’t be less than AMAZING! All we made with love end up in something perfect, right? 

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Graziela & Matheus – Wedding

Do you believe it was raining this day? But the rain stopped at the right moment and everything ended up according to the plan, just like magic! As always happen when I am with this family, they welcomed me with so much love and affection. I am really glad to have been with them, on such a special day. A beautiful life moment, with tears of joy and tons of love!

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Engagement Portraits – Juliana & Ivan

They are a lovely couple! I had the opportunity to work for them on more than one occasion and I have beautiful memories of our shoots. For this engagement photoshoot, we chose more than one location, these spots also weren’t close to each other, so we happily spent all day on the road. After a long trip and shooting on a very hot day, we decided to finish this day into the water, how nice! 

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One of the best parts of my work is relating to know new people. When it comes to teenage photoshoots and parties, I’ll not be involved only with the birthday girl, but mainly with her parents and also siblings. It is a natural process where everybody is involved. Everyone has an opinion, everyone comes up with new ideas. Among planings and meetings, I end up getting closer to the family. And that’s when the magic happens. When I realize, the parents start to take care of me, they start to provide me with water and food during the shoot, they put mosquitoes repellent on my arms, cute and funny things like that. It’s beautiful! And that was how I was received by Taila’s family. This was a wonderful project and this family also gave me a bunch of fond memories. 

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It is very beautiful when we see tradition and love in a single moment. When Isa called me, we thought in a theme that will match with her personality, and then Tradição Gaúcha (a strong culture in south Brazil) popped up in our mind. It took two days to complete the shoot, using two different locations, and after that, the goal was successfully achieved! 

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Engagement Portraits – Graziela & Matheus

Summertime! I have to say that I am passionate about winter, but if there’s one thing that I really love in the summer, it’s water! I have a real passion for shooting into the water. With Grazi and Matheus we had a typical Brazilian summer day, it was like an oven outside. They are very cute with each other, the shoot flowed with lovely vibes. Here you can see a little bit of the result.

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