Juliana & Cassio – Wedding

What happens when the bride is one of your best friends? How can I shoot while crying? I figured out all of these answers when I was invited to photograph Juliana and Cassio’s wedding. It was a crazy and wonderful thing to be the photographer and bridesmaid at the same time. This way, I could be with my dear friend all day, even in moments where bridesmaids usually can’t be with the bride, but happily, photographers can. It was a gorgeous day – since the moment where we sang on the way to the beauty salon until the moment where they went home together. A perfect and unforgettable day! 

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Priscila & Evandro – Wedding

The combination of weddings and rainy days could sound like a problem, right? People start to think about how the weather will interfere in the ceremony, we can imagine guests running into the church, we can expect the bride arriving with an umbrella and trying to keep the dress dry … worries that just rainy days could bring. But do you think this is a problem? No way! Nothing can harm a wedding day! Pri and Evandro are an adorable couple that I had the opportunity to meet and the responsibility to photograph one of the most important days of their lives! Here is the result.

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Enchanted forest, frog appearing in the middle of the shoot, gorgeous dress, princess style … this photoshoot was like being inside a fairy tale book. Taila is a sweet person and she has tons of energy! To get the perfect shot, she jumped several times, we fought against mosquitoes and also against the frog, it was not so easy. It was a beautiful and pleasant summer day that we ended up jumping into the water. We deserve it! 

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Countryside or urban photoshoot? Nature or street art? Romantic or streetwear style? Carol’s personality fits all possibilities, so the way was to find a place that would provide all these options at the same time. Check out the beautiful result here!

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Valeria & Alex – Wedding in South Brazil

Do you know the type of person that always has a smile on their face? So we are talking about them, Val, and Alex. They are a lovely couple and playful people, people who have the gift of making others happy. On the day of the wedding, I saw that this is something that runs in their blood because their families are also like this. All of them very comfortable and having a lot of fun! Here are some records from that day.

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